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About us


Robotgrader started 2004 developing the idea of using robots to weight sort and pack fish into a  thermoformer. Further development was made to meet the requirements of the poultry industry.

Robotgrader is designed for open food production to withstand industrial cleaning. We pack chicken fillets, drumsticks, thighs and legs. Fresh meat cuts and further processed products can also be produced.

A Robot Grader can weigh, sort and pack 300 products /minute. The system can also reject products that are outside the limits for size, weight or form.

A network connection provides a very convenient way of tracking statistics and production.
Through the Internet it is possible to perform Remote service. Upgrade and trouble shooting can be made from anywhere
All equipment is designed for open food production.

By investing in a Robot Grader labour costs can be dramatically reduced and that "give away" is eliminated.

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